Custom Gates

This gate has been designed and fabricated by Weld Works, we also installed it. The Gate is in Desert Foothills.

Custom Gates

This fencing was desired by the customer to protect their small dogs. The area is in the backyard and the fence keeps the dog out of danger in the RV driveway area

Artistic Fire Pit

We took a water tank and transform into a fire pit! We cut the metal and welded to create the flames on the board and we also paint the tank. Cool, isn't it?


Patio post & beam replacement

Artistic Fence

Skeleton metal divider panels. Skeleton metal is leftover after pieces are cut on a CNC or waterjet machine..

RV Gate

Custom RV gates.


Golden Keys residential community, pool area enclosure remodel. Fence & gate were in violation of code, we coordinated with the designer to insure his design would also meet code requirements for safety

Courtyard Fence

Custom courtyard entry gate with fence

Fireplace Chimney

Custom fireplace “chimney” in Paradise Valley

Custom Bench

This bench and these trellis' are located at the Richard E Rudolph Memorial Garden. This is near the Desert Foothills Library in Cave Creek, AZ. The Area has been dedicated to Richard & Carol Rudolph. The bench was dedicated to Carol Rudolph. The quote on the lower section of the bench reads: "Those who contemplate the beaty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts" - Rachel Carlson with gratitude to Carlo Rudolph, whose heart still dwells in the desert.

Theft Prevention

We can provide any kind of backflow cages to protect your equipments


We also fabricate and or repair automotive parts especially for motorbikes and choppers


If you've been working on cars very long, at some point you've looked up and realized that you could make a repair look really good, or last really long, if you used a welder

Custom Vehicle

We fabricate custom ramps for your trailers or canopies on your trailer frames

Custom Gates

This custom courtyard gate featured a unique double swing hinge with a self closing spring $ is self latching from either direction.

Custom Gates

A fence built from structural steel to create a unique look.

Backyard fences

Our staff will help you with suggestions and recommendations to be sure your gate is exactly what you need and would like to have. We then fabricate or repair the gate at our location on in some cases we can work directly to your location


The quality of our work is our main concern, especially if we are working on motorbikes

House Gate

Safety is one of our major concern therefore we provide you with a solution that meet all the standards and specifications to ensure your safety about the gate

Pizza Oven

We do also Wall Decors and Art items like this Pizza Oven door


Weld Works can repair any trailer. We can repair broker trailer hitches or we can replace the trailer hitch completely. We can come to your location to check the status of your trailer and eventually repair it at your place.

Custom Blackflow Cages

Most of the time the backflow cages are standard, but it happens sometime that our customers need sometime unique and special based on the items to be protected. In this case we design and built up a backflow cage able to be opened from above.

Metal Spiral Stairs

We realized a full spiral staircase in a residential house in Peoria, AZ

A cool chair - BEFORE

A recital about Alice in Wonderland needed a special chair. We designed the concept and realized it! The kids loved it!

A cool chair - AFTER

A recital about Alice in Wonderland needed a special chair. We designed the concept and realized it! The kids loved it!

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